Expiration date on vitamins and other dietary supplements 

The expiration date on vitamins and other food supplements is an issue that many of us discuss a lot about. We can see many a people worried about using a food supplement in hand that have passed its expiry date and some others discard the remainder of the supplement soon after the expiry date. You must note gallbladder diet that the mark of expiration date on vitamins or other food supplements as such is for our own convenience. It is an indication as to until which date the vitamins or supplements are effective when used. If you happen to use them after their expiry date they may not be able to bring out the desired effect in you. Moreover, it is recommended not to use them after their expiration date. If you are continuously using a supplement and finding it unable to consume fully before the expiry date, then it is recommended to buy it in smaller quantities so that you can use it before the expiry date.

Some of the vitamins and other food supplements can hold their nutritional value even after their expiration dates. This mostly depends upon the product efficacy, raw materials used and also the standard of manufacturing. In order to avoid any concern regarding this, you can always buy pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements.

Supplement expiration dates with regard to herbal products can range up to a period of 3 years from the date of manufacture. However, the product efficacy can diminish in about 2 years from the date of expiration. Vitamins and mineral supplements are known to slowly weaken with age. Vitamin B extracts of high quality cannot usually sustain their efficacy after the expiration dates. Most of all the other vitamin supplements can maintain their effectiveness even after 2 years from their expiration dates. Certain enzymes and amino acids can maintain their efficacy up to 1 year following their expiration dates.

Fish oils are delicate food supplements, make sure that you purchase fish oils that are not contaminated with any heavy metals or pesticides. Also special care must be taken to preserve them properly. They must have to be stored as per the given specifications or else they tend to get rotten even before their date of expiration. Most of them expire approximately 3 months after the posted date of expiration. Supplement expiration dates with respect to pro-biotic supplements is very short as they contain live organisms, temperature regulation is the key feature. It is recommended to have the pro-biotic supplements within a period of 7 days after the date of purchase.

Different supplements have different shelf lives. It is recommended not to discard the drugs and other food supplements openly or even by flushing down them through your kitchen sink. They will contaminate the environment and the harmful chemicals can get back into our body through the food chain. To extend the normal shelf life, strictly follow the recommended storage directions on the label. Do not refrigerate them unless it is advised to do so. Always buy good quality and pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements in order to avoid any health damages.